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Research indicates that when teenagers have supportive adults in their lives, they are less prone to partake in risky activities and are more focused on their academic and personal goals.
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Tramaine Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of Born4Brother (B4B), Which was established in 2017 in Wilmington, DE
"Our goal is to bridge the gap for young individuals who need a support system to flourish throughout their adolescence."
Respect & Compassion

Our Services

Academic Support

Providing assistance with homework, study strategies, and preparation for exams, helping students achieve their academic goals.

Career Guidance

Exploring potential career paths, preparing for job interviews, or understanding job market trends and opportunities.

Emotional Support

Offering a safe and supportive space for students to discuss personal issues, and challenges helping them navigate complex emotions.

Leadership Development

Encouraging the growth of leadership skills through workshops, activities, and guidance in taking on leadership roles.

Community Opportunities

Connecting students with opportunities to volunteer and contribute to their community, fostering a sense of civic responsibility.

Cultural Awareness

Supporting students in understanding diverse cultures & social norms, beneficial for students from different cultural backgrounds.

Extracurricular Activity

Assisting in finding and participating in hobbies, sports, or clubs that align with the student’s interests and talents.

College Preparation

Helping students explore college options, fill out applications, write essays, and apply for financial aid.

Life Skills Training

Teaching essential skills such as budgeting, time management, cooking, and other independent living capabilities.

Networking Opportunities

Introducing students to professionals in various fields, setting up informational interviews, and offering opportunities for job shadowing.

Our Mission

Born4Brothers (B4B) is dedicated to empower...

Born4Brothers (B4B) is dedicated to empowering middle to high school students through mentorship, fostering a supportive community of positive role models. We strive to fill in the gaps left by the limitations of understaffed and underfunded urban programs in Wilmington, DE. Our mission is to instill a sense of trust, acceptance, and stability in our young learners, providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive throughout their adolescence. We are committed to transforming at-risk students into successful graduates, armed with the resilience and life skills necessary to overcome any obstacles they encounter.

"We are committed to transforming at-risk students into successful graduates."
Let the Numbers Speak
We equip them with the tenacity and essential life abilities needed to surmount challenges.
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Brandywine Counseling

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